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Hello, my name is Anna, im a 45 yr old Russian lady who loves to paint, i use pastels all the time as i really enjoy using them, i have recently finished two art courses from a Russian art school.
Ive been interested in art from a very early age and really only recently decided to put the time, effort, and cost into doing a hobby which i really enjoy doing, my house is very quiet, my cats are running around and its an ideal setting just to sit down, relax, and get my pastels out. Its peaceful and very contenting on the heart so to speak, my heart and soul go into every picture i draw.
Ive always loved to draw, but finding pastels has really put me in my element, my own little world, and i could spend many hours a day, everyday just getting the paper out, pastels out and trying to create a lovely picture.
Thanks for reading.

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